Top touch typing websites kids must use to type fast. 

Is your child having trouble learning to touch type? Or do you simply wish to work more quickly? Touch typing web programs can be easily used to fix these issues. Your children can learn correct finger-to-key movement using the best typing applications. 

Typing lessons for kids

Children can strengthen their literacy skills, cope with learning disabilities more effectively and perform better across the elementary and high school curriculum with the help of educational technology.

Even though apps are typically for big-data algorithms and adaptive lesson plans, a back-to-basics approach may be one of the most effective Ed Tech ideas for children. A keyboarding program, for example. It is therefore beneficial to learn touch typing to operate a computer, play educational games online, and search the Internet.

When kids can type without looking at the keyboard, they can focus on the task at hand rather than get distracted looking for letters. In addition, learning to type using a multisensory approach helps develop reading, writing, and spelling skills by emphasizing phonics. You can test your child's typing speed at the wpm test to make sure if your kid is performing well.

It prepares children for later grades when they must use a computer for assignments and reinforces the use of Sight Words and other high-frequency words.

To manipulate the keyboard, kids use muscle memory when they practice touch typing.

When should children begin typing?

The children of today are exposed to keyboards very early on in their lives, both on their family laptops and on the touchscreens of their parent's tablets and smartphones. The younger the student is when learning the skill of typing, the better as they will have more opportunities to practice and refine their skills.

In addition, they are less likely to develop bad typing habits such as hunt-and-peck, which is hard to unlearn.

When a child's hands are large enough to fit comfortably on a standard keyboard, typically around 6 or 7 years old, it is considered an appropriate time to teach him how to type. Furthermore, since they are now learning to read and write at school and practicing their English spelling skills, this coincides with their learning to read and write.

Experts understand that Children may feel overwhelmed by watching the whole alphabet and number set on the keyboard. They have come up with fun and creative ways for students to learn the keys in this way. Typing tutors and typing programs are some of the options available to parents. We would like to share with you some of our favorite touch typing programs for children (adults too).

Kids can play typing games on this interesting website. Your kid will have the option to pick the game that he or she likes best from the games available.

This site contains a large number of free typing games. The tool is easy to use. Hence, parents don't need to take a look at kids and teaching them how to use the tool. The tool will help kids achieve specific speeds according to their ability. 

2. Typing Club

Using Typing Club is simple and straightforward. Your goal is to increase your word count to 100 per minute. Students are taught how to place their hands correctly on the keyboard with instructional videos, challenging games, and anchoring lessons.

By way of this program, students are trained to avoid looking down at the keyboard, while also learning how to properly place their fingers. Individuals or schools can use it. It is available in nine languages.

3. Typeracer

An online application that lets typists type quotes from books, movies, and songs at a fast pace is called Typeracer. Race other people who have about the same speed as you or practice alone.

You may be interested in this typing program if you are competitive. What you learn can be put into practice without explanation, but you need to apply it!

4. Dance Mat Typing

There are four levels of play in BBC's Dance Mat Typing. Throughout each lesson, new letters are introduced bit by bit, building on what you've learned earlier. You will receive a small reward upon completing each level, as well as a little test. Primary school students will benefit from this program.

5. Typing Instructor for Kids 5.0 

Kids enjoy Typing Instructor because it takes the way they learn typing to a whole new level, making it fun and easy for them to learn. Kids as young as six years old can use the Typing Instructor. Due to its features, it is also appropriate for children with learning disabilities. The program provides dozens of graduated typing lessons.

One of the most noteworthy features of the Typing Instructor is its unique curriculum, which is not present in most similar programs. With its sound features, you can choose the sound that will be played whenever your child presses the wrong key. You can also use the software to teach your child how to move and position their fingers correctly by using visually accompanied guides and virtual hands. For a week, it costs £3.

6. Ratatype

Ratatype is a simple and easy-to-use program. You can use the website to calculate your word per minute speed by doing typing tests. You can also create groups with friends and classmates.

7. KeySeeker

KeySeeker is an excellent site for younger students learning the alphabet and typing at the same time. It teaches children to type one letter at a time and encourages them to use their right and left hands for each side of the keyboard.

Kids can also type items that begin with the letters that are highlighted in the game, reinforcing their alphabet learning. You need to sit next to your child and talk about the letters and the items that they correspond to so that both of your child's skills are engaged.

8.Meteor Typing Blast

At, there are lots of fun games, but Meteor Typing Blast is particularly entertaining -- it's like Asteroids but instead of manually blowing up meteors, you type letters or words to destroy them. Besides the neat graphics, the best thing about this game is that you can select from a wide range of skills and levels.

You can choose beginner, intermediate, or advanced modes, and isolate certain keys to practice (for example, the home row). Your child can progress to more challenging levels of words, such as German words or fairy tale words if he/she masters this game.

Install one of these typing programs for your child to make typing fun and enjoyable for them. Developing good typing habits early on will help students to be ready when they have more computer assignments to do at home. It is part of the program's goal to motivate and enable children to become gurus at the keyboard who can confidently face challenges.


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